About us,

 The word Diaza is originally from Colombian ancestors and was used to encourage the men to be strong and protect their tribes.
In a New era, Diaza means ‘right mentality,’ always pushing forward.

Diaza wants to bring the same mentality to the soccer apparel game; we want our teams to have the right mentality, to push forward always to believe they can achieve the best of themselves. We want to create a new culture within our brand, teams, and community.


Diaza offers exclusive Customize uniforms to any Soccer team that wants to have their own identity. From the pros to the Sunday league team, we don’t care about the level. We don’t care about the league. We love the game and offer the same treatment to any team/organization.

Apart from soccer uniforms, we offer different Customize apparel, tracksuits, training uniforms, jackets, coaching gear, sweatpants, polo’s, bags, soccer balls, hoodies, caps, winter clothing; we do it all; just ask.


Diaza was established in January 2019 as Ginga Sportswear, created by soccer players who understand, love, and are incredibly passionate about the game. Football (or soccer ball)‎ is not just a simple sport; or a simple business. To us, Football (Soccer)‎ is a career where Diaza members invested all their lives into it.

After founding Ginga, we transitioned into Diaza Sports in February 2021, finding a more futuristic name and something that makes us truly unique. Diaza will become a worldwide soccer apparel brand based in the United States.

 What are custom uniforms?

Our exclusive DIAZA customized or personalized gear is made just for you and your organization. It will include your team logo, colors, and sponsor logo, names at no extra cost. These custom orders are not returnable.  When you choose DIAZA, you select everything:  design, colors, fabrics, patterns, etc. You are choosing to be part of a unique team.